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2021's Best Love Psychic Reading Sites
Find guidance in times of change
Discover your path to love & happiness
2021's Best Love Psychic Reading Sites
Discover your path to love & happiness
2021's Best Love Psychic Reading Sites
Discover your path to love & happiness
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California Psychics
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Psychic Source
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Path Forward
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What is a Psychic Love Reading?
A psychic love reading is a type of psychic reading that answers the big questions about your love life. A regular psychic reading tunes into a person’s energy to intuit answers about their life. A love psychic reading using the same methods, but focuses exclusively on your love life. Among other things, a psychic love reading can reveal your twin flame (your one true spiritual partner) and soulmate.
How Should You Experience Your Love Psychic Reading?
Speaking with a psychic online might not be how you envisioned sorting out your love life. After all, we’re mostly accustomed to receiving guidance on love and other spiritual matters in a face-to-face setting. But today, millions of people are tapping into online psychic readers for guidance, clarity, and answers on love.
If you're searching for your soulmate, need help with a relationship, or just want to improve your chances of finding love, then a psychic love reading can be transformative. There’s no limit to what you can find on the internet, with free psychic readings and paid psychic readings at your fingertips.
Our Top 3 Love Reading Services
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  • Prices for all budget ($1-$10 per minute)
  • New user discounts and promotions
  • Wide range of vetted psychics
  • No video chat option
  • Limited number of psychics available at any time
California Psychics is a website which provides a platform for people to get in touch with a spiritual advisor, with the intention of helping people to change their lives. All of the advisors on the platform can perform a huge range of psychic readings, from tarot card readings to astrology readings, to guide customers through a number of situations. Whether they need guidance through their love life or help to make a difficult work-related decision, the psychics at California Psychics are available to help. We’ve had an in-depth look at the services that they have on offer.
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  • 20+ years of experience with psychic readings
  • Website is really easy to navigate
  • Up to $25 credit if you’re not satisfied
  • Calls can be pricey ($3-$5 for the best psychics)
  • No text option
Since 1999, Keen has been dedicated to providing customers with amazing psychic advisors online. They offer a range of tools to help customers find their ideal advisor and pride themselves on connecting people with psychic advisors who their customers are able to talk to about any issue, large or small. They offer 24/7 availability meaning you can get in touch with a psychic day or night.
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  • Offering psychic readings for more than 25 years
  • Each psychic’s schedule is clearly displayed
  • Personalized ‘Find a Psychic’ search tool
  • No short calls; pre-payments in 10-30-minute blocks
  • No text option
Psychic Source is a website that puts users in touch with their ideal psychic advisor to help them answer all their questions. They have been offering psychic readings for over 25 years, giving them years of experience in connecting people with the right professional psychic for their needs. People choose to have a psychic reading for various reasons, perhaps they have recently lost a loved one or want to feel in control of their life by knowing what the future holds. Psychic Source offers a variety of services to cater to individual’s needs and we’ve had a look at them in more detail.
Dissolving the Myths About Psychic Love Reading
When you first turn to the supernatural for guidance, the skeptics will challenge you. Their disbelief in the power of psychic gifts will make you question your journey. Ultimately, you will ask yourself: are psychics real and can a psychic really help me in my love life?
Truthfully, it is a fair question. Unfortunately, fake psychics can be found online and offline. These people are just trying to make a quick buck at someone else's expense. They neither care for their seekers nor possess the ability to help you find your twin flame.
The best way to sort the real psychics from the fakes is to use trusted online psychic networks like the ones listed at the top of this page. These networks vet all their psychic readers in advance (after all, it’s the network’s reputation on the line!). Each reader has their own profile that you can click on to read their bio, find out their customer rating, and read detailed customer reviews.
Psychic Readings: Uncovering Your Love Life
Now that you know where to find trusted online psychics, you may be curious as to the benefits of using such a service. After all, you could consult a friend or read a generic horoscope in a magazine. So, what makes a psychic love reading special?
Here are a few reasons people turn to this insightful channel for guidance and clarity when seeking love.
10 Minutes For $1.99
View Psychic
In the case of online psychics, many offer the first psychic reading for free and only charge a few bucks per sessions afterwards. The big online psychic networks offer a full range of price points, so you can pick the best talent at the highest price or just find the cheapest psychic capable of giving insights into your love life.
Full access
Searching for psychics in your neighborhood is quite limiting, while going online expands your options considerably. Within a single psychic network, you have access to hundreds of extremely talented online psychics specializing in love. You can filter readers by customer rating, reading method, and the tools they use. Choosing to visit an online psychic gives you options – and as they say variety is the spice of life!
The best psychic channels offer detailed profiles for each reader in their network. You can read up on any psychic before sitting in on a session with them. Find out who they are, what their credentials are, and what type of readings they specialize in. You can also read real user reviews to find out if your psychic has actually helped people in their love life.
Lastly, a good online psychic reading channel vets their psychics before they are allowed to provide readings. This ensures that every reader in the network is qualified, talented, and honest. While the best psychics online have reputations that precede them, it's nice to know that there's someone verifying their credentials on your behalf.
Online Love Psychic Reading: How It Works
Ready to find your soulmate? Getting a love psychic reading online is simple and can be done in just a few steps:
  • Browse through the psychic reading websites at the top of this page and choose one you like.
  • Claim any sign-up promotion offered by your network, such as a free psychic reading or discount psychic reading.
  • Use the search filter to look for psychics specializing in love, then select the one you like best.
  • Once you’ve found the best psychic, click on your preferred communication method (e.g. phone chat, video chat, live text chat, WhatsApp), to open a session.
  • If the reader is available, your session will begin immediately. If not, you can schedule a reading for a convenient time in the future.
Whoever thought that discovering your twin flame could be so easy?!
Types of Psychic Love Readings
When you choose from the best psychics online, you gain access to a wide range of talents and abilities. Some of the most frequently used methods of psychic love readings include:
While the word psychic is actually a general term for anyone with supernatural abilities for communicating, psychics are actually a specialized field of reading. Psychics use their innate abilities (sometimes referred to as extrasensory perception) to receive information about your past, present, and future. This is done by tapping into an energy source (theirs, yours, or the Universe). Psychics can offer invaluable insight, clarity, and perspective on your love life as well as other aspects of your life.
Tarot Card Readings
Tarot card reading is a well-known ancient art stretching back to Medieval times that draws on a pack of playing cards. Today, countless individuals use tarot reading to find love. Love tarot readings are useful for interpreting troubling emotions and getting a fresh perspective on which direction to choose. If you have a few options in your love life, then a love tarot reading is the way to go.
Readers gifted with the ability to read the stars use these celestial beings as guiding lights towards the truth. The benefit of astrology is that it holds a wealth of information about your present and future love life.
Mediums are extremely sensitive to soul energy. They can tap into the energy signals from others and communicate messages from one being to another. Mediums are often called upon when someone is looking to give or receive messages to a dearly beloved person who has passed into the afterlife.
Types of Communications
Once upon a time, if you wanted to have a proper psychic love reading, you had to actually travel to a physical space and sit down face-to-face with the psychic. Now, technological advancements have alleviated all that difficulty. With online psychic websites, you have instant access to thousands of gifted psychics at a click of the mouse.
Here are the most common communication methods.
Email readings
Email readings are easy. You send in a question via email, and you get an answer back when the psychic is in session. The good thing about email is that you can get real psychic readings with very little effort on your part. Plus, you don’t need to sit through a session with the psychic. You can send in your questions and go about your life while you wait for a response.
Live chat readings
Some people don’t like the idea of having their soulmate’s identity revealed to them by email. For these individuals, having a psychic chat online is a better option. Live chat readings allow you to write out your thoughts, feelings, and queries, something that is useful for people who have trouble voicing their thoughts. After you finish typing, the online psychic begins typing their response.
This method is convenient because you can do it from your phone or computer. Some psychic networks have even begun enabling readings via WhatsApp. Live chat readings are usually the cheapest form of communication, and are more likely to be included in free psychic reading promos.
Phone readings
The next level up is the phone psychic. If you feel the need to hear another voice, then this is a good option for you. You can call the psychic directly from your online psychic reading account or have them call you, depending on your schedule and preference.
Although less common than free live chat readings, some networks do offer free psychic love readings over the phone. Read the terms and conditions carefully when you sign up for a psychic reading website, and opt-in to all newsletters and emails to find out about the latest deals.
Video chat readings
The most interactive option possible is a video chat reading. This allows you to get a face-to-face online psychic reading, the closest thing to meeting your psychic in a physical location. Many people prefer this method because you can see the psychic in front of you, watch their expressions, and feel their energies directly.
Unlock the Mysteries of the Universe & Your Destiny
Online psychics can provide valuable insights into your love life. Thanks to the internet, it’s now cheap and easy to get a love psychic reading or love tarot reading from a top psychic. Go on. Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down for an illuminating psychic love reading today.
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