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How Does A Psychic Reading Happen?
How Does A Psychic Reading Happen?
May 09, 2021 / staff
How Does A Psychic Reading Happen?
May 09, 2021 / staff

People seek psychic readings for a range of different reasons, whether they’re afraid of what the future hold, or they desire speaking to a dear loved one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re receiving a free psychic reading online, or you decide to phone a psychic, every psychic or medium that you reach out to will undergo the same process in order to provide you with the best real psychic readings. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that psychics are specialised in different fields – you could confide in an online psychic for a tarot reading, or alternatively, you could receive a free psychic love reading if you feel as though your relationship is in danger, or you need extra advice.

Websites such as Psychic Source understand the demand for different types of readings, and thus have many on offer, from online psychic chat to a free psychic reading by phone. However, when you do pay money for your psychic chat, wouldn’t you like to know how the process actually works? We have a breakdown of what you can expect from your psychic reading.

Difference Between Psychics & Mediums

As we’ve already established, there are many different types of psychic, and so the psychic lines that you’ll receive will differ. When looking for a cheap psychics, it’s paramount that you remember that all mediums are psychics, however not all psychics are medium. Establishing this factor from the offset will reduce the chance of disappointment, as not all psychics are able to communicate with your deceased loved ones. When receiving a reading from an online psychic, they are able to connect with your aura and gain spiritual information from your energy field, whereas a medium can go one step further than this. Instead, when receiving a reading from a medium, they are able to also interact and tune into the energy field of someone who has passed, allowing them to communicate with your passed loved ones.

When having an online psychic reading from a medium though, you must consider the capabilities of the medium – they aren’t able to tune into several fields of energy at once, and thus can only communicate with either one or the other most of the time. With this is mind, a medium should be able to communicate with your friends and loved ones who have passed into the afterlife, allowing them to provide you with exclusive information during both phone psychic readings and online psychic chats. When looking for the best online psychics though, it’s imperative that you do your research, as not all online psychics have the ability to give an accurate reading. To make your life a little easier though, Psychic Source, the best psychic directory, has an extensive range of psychics all specialising in different fields of the practice. From clairvoyants to love psychics, you can speak to your deceased loved ones or receive a free psychic love reading that you know is accurate and legitimate!

The Process That Your Reader Goes Through

When thinking ‘how can I find the best psychic near me?’, the best place to start is with directories such as Psychic Source. Then, once you’ve found yourself some cheap psychics with good reviews, you can begin the reading – but how does the reader manage to produce the best real psychic readings over the phone or during psychic chat? Well, if the reading begins with the opportunity for you to ask questions, you know that you’ve found yourself a reputable online psychic. Once your reader has calmed your nerves, they will then begin the process of communicating with the spirits. Usually, they will close their eyes and focus hard in order to make an instant connection with spirit’s energy. Once they’ve made a firm connection and they’re confident about their interpretations, they will then relay back information to you that they deem relevant and useful. Even when you decide to phone a psychic, the reader is able to feel your energy and any potential health issues that you carry, allowing them to heal you spiritually during your psychic free reading.

During your psychic chat online, it’s vital that you remain patient. Often, a psychic reading can last from 45 minutes to an hour, or even longer if guides continue to communicate important information to your reader. Particularly for psychic mediums who are attempting to communicate with your passed loved ones, the energy fields can sometimes be difficult to interpret and tune into, especially if the spirit only wants to reveal little to the reader. Whether you’re having free psychic readings no credit card needed, or you’re paying about $0.66 a minute for many talented readers on Psychic Source, you always need to give your reader time and peace to allow them to effectively tune into the surrounding spirits, otherwise you psychic readings online may not be as accurate as you’d have hoped.

How Spirits Communicate With Your Psychic Reader

Only people who are able to awaken their inner psychic are able to communicate with spirits (regarding they fall under the medium speciality), so it’s interesting to learn how they manage this outstanding feat. The large numbers of clairvoyants available on Psychic Source will all have the talent of ‘clear-hearing’, which allows them to quite literally hear spirits communicating with them in their thoughts, such as names or places. However, on Psychic Source, you can also find clairsentients that offer both phone psychic readings and psychic chat online, and they’re all able to sense the emotions of the spirits, such as the pains that they had while they were a physical vessel, or the sense of humour that they had. Once again though, when looking for a psychic reading free of charge, you need to consider that a medium can only go as far as their abilities permit.

On Psychic Source, for example, you can find a clairaudient as well as clairsentient and clairvoyant, so they’ll be able to communicate in different ways from spirits – basically, not every medium will be able to detect specific traits such as sense of humour during your free psychic reading. As well as this, you should never enter psychic chat rooms expecting the same experience that your friend had, as all spirits communicate to the psychic differently, making the extractable information different in every reading. Naturally, spirits come with different personalities, just like they would in the living world, so it’s only natural that some may decide to communicate with imagery, while others prefer to physically speak with the reader.

Speaking To Loved Ones

It can be heart-wrenching to lose someone that you love, but with Psychic Source being the best psychic directory, you can find a psychic that offers a reading service that allows you to communicate with your passed loved ones. During this psychic reading, you will be able to ask questions and speak with your loved one, using the psychic as a type of translator, relaying information back and forth between both entities. During this type of psychic reading, it’s paramount that you remain patient, as once again, all spirits communicate different and unique to all the rest. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that while a talented reader will be able to receive several answers from the spirit, they won’t receive all of the answers that you’re looking for, and this isn’t the readers fault in the slightest. When communicating with spirits from the underworld, the spirit and the spirit alone decides whether they want to be communicated with, and this can be down to factors personal to the spirit.

Furthermore, the spirit can enter at any time of the reading, and thus their entry is never predictable. For some spirits, particularly those that experienced a traumatic or spontaneous death, may not come through until the very end of the reading. Others however, may enter right at the beginning, or during the middle – you just have to be patient. If you are communicating with your passed loved ones, it can be emotionally overwhelming, but just always bear in mind that they’re here to comfort and talk to you, never to scare you. If you are feeling tense and upset, they can often pull back their energy and discontinue with the communication.

Predicting The Future

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of clients seeking to speak with their deceased loved ones, there are still many who simply wish to gain guidance about their future. Sure, it would be nice to know 100% how your future is going to pan out, but even psychics in the best psychic directory aren’t able to completely predict your future, so never go into the free psychic reading expecting an entire prophecy regarding the rest of your life. Instead, when entering a psychic reading regarding your future, your reader will be able to see probabilities and pathways into your future, alongside any potential obstacles along the way. At Psychic Source, there are numerous psychic readers who specialise in a career reading, giving you tuition into what the future holds for you career and finance. With most psychics, there will be more prominent pathways appear than others, and these are the ones that are deemed most accurate, but every human has the free will to achieve what they wish in life.

Things That You Should Expect From Your Psychic Reading

People are often under the misconception that psychics can tell you anything, and while there are millions who are refined in many subject areas such as love and grieving, they can’t tell you everything. For example, asking your reader for insights into your legal or medical situations is pointless and impossible – that’s what lawyers and doctors are for, right? Instead, if you’re seeking guidance into what to do, and whether your lawyer/doctor is the best for you, then this can be answered by your psychic, so never ask too much of them.

Furthermore, many people believe that psychics practice witchcraft, and that the reading process will include spells and curses – they’re not witchdoctors. If you’re told that this will be an element within your psychic reading, then you can be 100% sure that they’re a fraud out to con you of your money. Lastly, it’s unethical and unfair to request information about others from your psychic reading, as this breaches the ethical guidelines that psychics follow while carrying out their readings.

Psychic readings, whether they are over the phone, online, or in person, provide all individuals with excitement and hope. However, as promising as psychic readings can seem, no information that you retrieve from these sessions are set in stone, especially during readings that concern prophecies. Therefore, always remember that you have the ultimate control over your life, and you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. Our final tip for you would be to tape your psychic reading, and find some time to listen to it once the reading is over. This way, you can fully understand the information you were given, and allow yourself to grow, spiritually and emotionally.

With so many online options available, choosing the best psychic reading for your needs can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we filtered, reviewed, and ranked the best psychic reading sites - so you can compare the very best and make the right choice for you. Check our top-rated sites and find answers today.

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