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10 Easy Steps To Psychic Protection
10 Easy Steps To Psychic Protection
June 23, 2021 / staff
10 Easy Steps To Psychic Protection
June 23, 2021 / staff

In daily life, coming into contact with negativity is inevitable, however it’s paramount that we don’t dwell on it too much. With psychic protection, you’re able to shield yourself from this negativity and handle it better than the average person. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in psychic abilities or not – psychic protection can benefit anyone, as any form of negativity, including anger or jealously, are present in everyday life, whether that’s our own feelings, or someone nearby are directing those feelings of negativity towards us. Without the right psychic protection, we can become a victim to a psychic attack.

To put it simply, a psychic attack is when we experience feelings of hurt and upset after a particular event, but this can be prevented by following these 10 steps to help you on your way to psychic protection.

1. Only Focus On The Positive

Too many people focus on the negative, and while you should always focus on the positive, this is always easier said than done – but it shouldn’t be. Even in the midst of life’s disasters, it’s crucial to remember that there is always a positive outcome somewhere among all the negative energy. This is a powerful step to psychic protection, because as human beings, we are only allowed to focus on one thought at a time, so it’s paramount that you make this thought a positive one. By adopting this method, you’re able to shut out the negativity and prepare yourself for all circumstances. At Hollywood Psychics, the best psychic directory, there are a range of cheap psychics all offering the best real psychic readings, allowing you to gain guidance on your life and focus on the positivity that you have ahead of you in life. Here, you can learn about your ultimate desires, and therefore protect yourself by thinking of these hopeful, positive thoughts.

2. Control Your Breathing

Many online psychics are able to give accurate psychic readings due to their ability to awaken their inner psychic. One of the most popular ways to do this is through meditation, and a very similar technique can also be used to enforce psychic protection. When controlling your breathing, but taking several deep breathes and holding them before exhaling, you’re able to build yourself a stronger aura. For those who are unsure, an aura is an emanation that surrounds the body of an individual, and you can often be read psychic lines from your aura which are derived from your body’s aura. While conducting heavy, deep breathing exercises, a great way to strengthen your psychic protection is to imagine yourself breathing in positive energy, and exhaling negative energy, freeing your body of all negative poisons.

3. Create A Circle Of Protection

As you may have already figured out by now, psychic protections comes down to a lot of visualisation, not only protected you from negativity but also enhancing your visual skills, which will prove very useful when trying to give the best real psychic readings. As an online psychic, you use formulations of energy to give an accurate psychic chat, so it’s always good to get into the habit to visual intangible things as alive with energy, and this includes negativity. In order to grant yourself psychic protection, think of a huge, clear shield that surrounds your body, reflecting off all of the negative energies that are trying to penetrate your body. To make your psychic protection even more effective, you should try to properly imaging the negative energy bouncing off of the shield, so you can watch it bounce away and forget about it, embracing only the positive energy. Embracing positivity is a crucial part to protecting yourself psychically, which is why Hollywood Psychics offer a range of articles to help your replenish your mind, body and spirit, flushing out all of the negative energy from your body. This technique is further reinforced through their talented, cheap psychics, so you can professionally protect yourself from any negative energy.

4. Take A Relaxing Shower

Whether you’re beginning to feel slightly anxious, or you’ve been victim to a psychic attack, one of the best things that you can do is to take a relaxing, steamy shower. This is an effective technique to recuperate yourself after a psychic attack, as you can watch the water absorb all of the negative energy that resides within your body. Then, once you allowed the water to drench your body, you can literally watch the negativity leave your body in the form of steam, flowing out away from your body and into the air. Always ensure that you make this shower relaxing though – use your favourite smelling shower gel and just immerse yourself in a warming environment where you are no longer holding onto any negativity at all.

5. Carry A Crystal Or Gemstone

Crystals and gemstones hold very important powers when it comes to psychic readings, which is why you can often find them being used during an online psychic reading from the talented psychics at the best psychic directory, Hollywood Psychics. Often, people will experience a psychic attack for different reasons, which is why carrying a crystal or gemstone is imperative to ensuring that you’re psychically protected. In times of anxiety when the negative energy seems very present, you can rub or fiddle with your crystal or gemstone in order to make you feel more at ease. Some of the crystals that we’d recommend are as follows, and can often be used in a range of psychic readings from an online psychic, or even when you phone a psychic.

Crystal/Gemstone Key words Element Zodiac Sign/Birthstone Properties Jasper Supreme Nurturer Earth Virgo, Aries, Scorpio/March October Returns negative energy back to its origin. Can aid achievement of tranquillity and wholeness. Black Obsidian Cleansing of negativity Earth Scorpio/All Epitome of psychic defence – blocks negative influences by creating a protective shield. Clear Quartz Magnification of ambient energies Storm All/April Transmutes negative to positive – resonates with all chakras.

6. Have A Salt Bath

Heard of the saying ‘putting salt into a wound’? While this is painful, and never recommended, salt actually does have healing qualities, which is where this saying derived from. Similar to this, in order to properly protect yourself from psychic attacks, having a salt bath can really help you cleanse yourself from all negativity and heal spiritual wounds. Once you’ve filled up your bath with hot water, simply add 2 teaspoons of rock or sea salt into it, and allow it to fully dissolve before you jump in. Then, simply lie in the water and relax while the salts draw out all of the negativity, and immerse yourself into a positive state. For this to effectively protect yourself from psychic attacks, we’d recommend that you spend at least 20 minutes soaking in the water.

7. Cross Your Limbs

This might sound a little bizarre, but by crossing limbs such as arms or legs, you’re creating a physical shield that protects you from any negative energy that may be coming your way. Even just small things such as crossing your fingers can psychically protect you from any attacks, so it’s always worth doing just for that extra peace of mind. Alternatively, you can also rest your hands on your solar plexus, which is simply an area located in the abdomen that has a large collection of nervous tissue that’s second only to that of the brain. You may have heard of the ‘second brain’ and this is exactly what the solar plexus is, as it is a source of energy that can know things that perhaps you personally don’t, also more commonly known as having ‘a gut feeling’.

8. Wash Your Hands

Perhaps you’re unable to have a shower after a psychic attack, or you don’t have enough salt to allow yourself to soak in a hot, salt bath. If this is the case, washing your hands can work just as effectively, as you can visualise the negative energy being washed and stripped from your hand, and flowing down the drain into a place far away. When doing this, it’s important that you thoroughly wash your hands, preferably with a hand soap that you like, as this will act as a nourishing agent for your hands and restore them back to good health with positive energy, keeping you protected from psychic attacks. When you participate in psychic chat with online psychics, it’s highly likely that they spend a great deal of time washing their hands, as they’ll want to keep themselves free from negativity to allow them to provide you with an accurate, uncontaminated psychic reading.

9. Get In Touch With Your Religion (If You Have One)

We understand that not everyone will be able to follow this bit of advice, however those of you who originate from a Christian tradition, will be able to psychically protect themselves further by tuning into their religion. This works by making a sincere prayer, or even making the sign of the cross, as this will act as a strong, religious shield to block yourself from any negativity or even spiritual demons who are aiming to cause you grief. By carrying out these methods, you should have instant access to the Divine, forming a strong connection to provide you with both peace and comfort when protecting yourself, strengthening your visual shield.

10. Visualise Your Protective Attire

Finally, an effective way to protect yourself psychically is to visualise yourself in a cloak that emits bright, purifying light, and picture this surrounding the entirety of your body for maximum protection. It’s vital that you personalise this cloak to your personality, so you can select a colour of your choice to ensure that you remain positive and block out the negative. If the cloak isn’t working for you, a more powerful visualisation could be a suit of armour, impenetrable from any form of negativity, whether it is spiritual or even physical.

By following this advice, you’re guaranteed to protect yourself from any psychic attacks, keeping all forms of negativity at bay. Of course, you don’t need to follow all of these steps, however the more that you partake in, the more protected you will be from the negative energy. In addition, it’s always good to remember how effective crystals and gemstones are, so we would always recommend that you phone a psychic, or join a psychic chat room that involves these crystals.

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