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Dream Interpretation: What Your Dreams are Trying to Tell You—Even Those Starring Your Ex
Dream Interpretation: What Your Dreams are Trying to Tell You—Even Those Starring Your Ex
February 10, 2023 / staff
Dream Interpretation: What Your Dreams are Trying to Tell You—Even Those Starring Your Ex
February 10, 2023 / staff

Take a quick look through history and you’ll find that in every civilization dreams have been revered. For example, the ancient Egyptians thought that dreams were like oracles that told them what the gods wanted them to know. They also believed that dreams were the easiest way to get in contact with the spirit world.

Dream interpretation is the act of looking at a dream and trying to figure out what it means. Most of the time, dream interpreters look at certain parts or symbols in a person's dream.

Let’s take a look at what our dreams may be trying to tell us and why we dream. We will also explore some of the most common dreams that we collectively share.

What Are Your Dreams Trying to Tell You?

Dreams reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings. They can give us insight into the things that you require for personal development, wholeness, and self-expression, as well as ways to achieve harmony with others and everything in life. They show you where you still have work to do and help you to refine your course of action.

Dreams leave us with a sense of self-discovery and realization upon waking. Originating in the unconscious, they present an idealized version of you and seek to actualize the idealized. Wisdom and insight are often contained in dreams and it’s for this reason that you should take them seriously.

Why Do We Dream?

There are many theories as to why we dream. Here are examples of some of the reasons that may cause us to dream.

  • To deal with emotions like fear, grief, anxiety, and sadness
  • To analyze and give resolution to memories by dreaming about events that happened during the day
  • To troubleshoot, potentially solve, or even forget our real-life problems
  • To help to train the brain to anticipate its own future states.

Dreaming may provide a window of opportunity for the repair of vital neurotransmitters. It can also allow biological systems that may otherwise be blocked during our waking hours to repair themselves.

The truth may be that dreaming serves all of these physical, mental, emotional, and biological purposes. But let’s not neglect the spiritual aspect that dreaming serves.

Psychic mediums suggest that when we dream, the spirit leaves the body to travel to the spirit world. Once there, it receives instruction and guidance for our lives on earth. Dreams are believed to be the byproduct of the instruction and wisdom our spirit receives as our physical mind tries to make logical sense of the often abstract spiritual downloads.

Common Dreams and Their Meaning

Dreams of your ex/people from your past

Having dreams about individuals from your past—especially an ex-lover—may be a sign that you are still healing from that emotional toll. Oftentimes, when a relationship ends, our minds are completely weighed down with emotions that are difficult to cope with and unpack while we’re awake.

Although the influence your ex or the relationship had on you may have faded from your conscious memory, the emotional dynamic is likely still playing out subconsciously. If you pay attention to the feelings triggered by your dream, you may well be on your way to processing them while awake.

Dreams of free falling

If you have a recurring dream in which you’re free falling, it may be a sign to let go of your grip on a situation. You may feel like you're spiraling out of control because you're gripping the ropes too firmly and preventing things from unfolding naturally. The feeling of weightlessness is the subconscious' way of encouraging you to release resistance and trust the process.

If this is a common dream, remember that you can't control how events occur but you can control your response. Once you've grasped this, you may find that your dreams of free falling give way to those of taking flight.

Dreaming of pregnancy/babies

A pregnancy dream doesn't actually indicate a real pregnancy.

Actually, having a dream about being pregnant is rather common, and it usually implies that exciting change is on the horizon. Having a baby in your dreams is frequently a symbol of personal growth.

This could be symbolic of a previously unrecognized aspect of your character. It could also be a sign of a desire to experiment with new creative endeavors such as a career change, a surge of self-assurance, or a new interest in a new hobby. You're basically maturing in the same way an unborn baby would.

Dreaming of death

A dream about death is usually a symbol of transition or closure that you're experiencing in waking life. In order to fully grasp the inevitability of this change, our subconscious will present it as a death. The only way to move forward and make room for the future is to let go of things that no longer serve you.

There's no need to panic if you keep dreaming about dying. Instead, it's a good moment to reflect on the changes occurring in your life. Ask yourself "what ending or shift is currently occurring in my life?"


Dreaming about animals suggests your more primitive self is seeking recognition and expression. The animal present in your dream is a representative of your wild side. The connection to your animalistic self can be measured by how you interact with the animal, whether it's domestic or wild, or kind or violent.

If you have this dream frequently, try to spend more time in nature and rediscover your inner animalistic side. Learning more about the type of animal that appears in your dreams can shed light on the dormant qualities you’re subconsciously trying to bring to the surface.

How To Remember Your Dreams

To remember your dreams, keep a notepad by your bed and actively try to recall them the moment you wake. The last dream you had before waking is likely the only one you're going to recall.

Write down as much as you can remember, including the setting, main events, and characters. You should also make a note of your feelings—e.g. if you were scared during the dream—as well as anything you remember visually from it.

Wash, rinse, and repeat the next night. This will require consistency. Commit to recalling your dreams daily and recording them upon awakening.


We spend almost equal amounts of time asleep and dreaming as we do awake. For this reason, understanding the meanings and symbols of your dreams could prove both insightful and invaluable. Luckily, there are resources available that take the guesswork out of dream interpretation.

Try a psychic reading as it could shed light, clarity, and understanding on the obscured and often symbolic meanings of your dreams. Psychics are adept at working with symbols and intuitively deciphering them in a way that makes sense and adds to the quality of your waking life.

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