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A Complete Guide to Your Aura: What on Earth Is It and What do the Colors Mean?
A Complete Guide to Your Aura: What on Earth Is It and What do the Colors Mean?
March 17, 2023 / Larry Armstead
A Complete Guide to Your Aura: What on Earth Is It and What do the Colors Mean?
March 17, 2023 / Larry Armstead


With New Age teachings becoming more mainstream, you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to the concept of the aura. This is the belief that everything in the universe vibrates and emits an energetic electromagnetic field—an aura—and because you’re part of this universe, you do as well.

This energy typically takes the form of light and color expressing your life force and emotions, and it changes as your feelings and circumstances do. Many psychics and intuitives can see these lights and colors and tune into them to provide insight into your life and your inner self.

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How To Figure Out Your Aura

There are many tools available online to help you figure out your aura, from quizzes to questionnaires and even calculators. However, the best way is to seek out the assistance of a spiritual advisor, who will not only view your aura but also help you interpret it during the process of a reading.

Because auras are partly electromagnetic, experts have now developed methods to capture them photographically using a specialized camera called a Kirilan camera. When selecting a spiritual advisor, you should ask if they have access to this equipment.

How To See Other People’s Auras

Learning to see other people’s auras is a skill that anyone can develop. Like any new skill, however, it will take a fair amount of patience and regular practice. Try the following steps to get started.

  1. Locate a white or an off-white wall and have your subject stand against it.
  2. Ensure that there is only soft, gentle light around them. Stay clear of spotlights or any lights that cast a shadow. If you opt to use natural light, the hour before sunset should provide the best conditions.
  3. Stand or sit opposite the subject, about 5 feet away.
  4. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. Focus on a centralized point on the subject’s body and wait until you begin to lose focus.
  5. The loss in focus will give way to a glow around the person, typically around their upper body. This is their aura.

Naturally, the longer you practice, the more detail and colors you will begin to see.

11 Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Each color you see within the aura represents a different mood, emotion, and personality trait. Let’s take a look at what each one means.

1. Red

People who have red auras tend to be driven, strong, and assertive. They are natural leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional competitors, and they have quite intense personalities.

2. Orange

This color is linked to the energy of creativity and sensuality. People who are dominant in orange are naturally collaborative and place a high value on interpersonal connections. They often discover that connection brings them both pleasure and comfort.

3. Yellow

People who have yellow as their predominant aura color are typically self-assured and exude an air of confidence. They inspire those around them with their upbeat attitude and charisma.

4. Green

The aura color of green conveys unconditional love and peace. These individuals are naturally self-healing and also have the ability to heal others, both physically and emotionally. This shade is also indicative of those who are able to strike a healthy balance between their personal goals and the needs of those around them.

5. Blue

Someone whose aura is primarily blue tends to be outgoing and open with others. They’re also usually emotionally honest. These individuals are natural philosophers and writers because of their tendency for contemplation and discussion.

6. Indigo

This color is associated with a high degree of psychic ability. Those with indigo-colored auras have a strong capacity for empathy, and their actions are motivated by their feelings rather than the facts. They are spontaneous and thrive on making connections with others.

7. Violet

This auric color is associated with higher states of consciousness as well as dreaming. Those with violet auras have a commanding presence because of their .innate charisma, drive, and leadership qualities. They are open, honest people who need to feel connected to others in order to flourish.

8. White

Few people have solely white auras—it’s more commonly found among other colors. Those who have white auras are especially open to receiving information. In most cases, they do not struggle with any issues related to their health or mental energy. White is the color of empathy and unconditional love for all.

9. Pink

The aura color pink is uncommon. People with this color tend to be nurturing and caring. Furthermore, they’re romantics who work hard to keep the passion alive in their relationships. These individuals have a higher propensity to pursue careers in artistic fields. They often radiate a calming, restorative energy that helps others feel at ease just by being around them.

10. Magenta

Unique and free-spirited people often have auras that are predominately magenta. This color is associated with people who are grounded in the material world but also have the capacity for highly intuitive thought. Individuals with this aura color are known to follow their own path, unaffected by the opinions of those around them.

11. Black

Black or especially dark spots in your aura don't indicate the "color" of your aura so much as a tired or worn-out part of you. If a reader senses black in your aura, focus on becoming more grounded so that you may restore harmony and balance to yourself. A talented spiritual advisor can help you with this.


As the aura is an outward manifestation of a person's inner self, it can reveal quite a lot about them. While it may seem that your aura is something mystical and inaccessible, working with a gifted spiritual advisor can help you connect with the information it holds. With a little practice, you can also learn to see and read auras yourself.

An aura reading typically won’t uncover revelations about external aspects of your life, or what’s going to happen in your future, but it can help give you valuable insight into your personality and your interactions with others. It’s therefore a great way for a psychic to develop a connection and openness with you and can help support other kinds of readings.

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By Larry Armstead
Larry Armstead is an author and spiritual thought leader, best known for his book, “Where’s My Pizza: How to Use the Power of Expectation to Create the Life You Want”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and is an Achology Certified Life Coach, with specializations in hypnosis and CBT. He is also the owner of where he offers advice and online readings in spirituality, tarot, relationships, and more.
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